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Learn More! Do you know what Ransomware is? Ransomware is a type of malware that holds your data hostage, extorts money from you, or threatens to upload the encrypted files to public networks unless you pay up. While the origin and user numbers of Ransomware are unknown, Ransomware is definitely a serious threat that can be very expensive. This threat not only damages your data, but also your bank account and/or credit card. In short, if you want to use your smartphone, tablet or laptop without being worried, you need to protect your digital life from this threat and its related scams. What you need to know about Ransomware Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts files or whole drives with a special algorithm and asks victims to pay a ransom in order to decrypt those files. In general, this threat is delivered through a social media campaign, emails, phone calls and pop-up ads, or through compromised websites. The most common Ransomware that we have seen are attached to phishing emails, malicious links, and compromised websites. According to FBI, in the last few years, Ransomware has significantly increased in scope, sophistication and growth rate. Some of the most notorious Ransomware include Locky, TeslaCrypt, Cryptowall, CryptoLocker and Hidden Tear. Ransomware ransomware is a type of malicious software (malware) that locks access to files, e-mails, whole drives or servers or block files by encrypting them. Ransomware has also become a major form of cybercrime, as evidenced by the increases in the number of ransomware campaigns. Ransomware is also the most expensive malware. A ransomware attack can cost as much as $1000s of dollars. How it works As soon as you connect to a website, you may be hacked, or scammed into paying a ransom. Payment is usually made through pre-installed malware in email, or hard-wired (directly connected) to the victim’s computer. There are three ways to be scammed with Ransomware. First, you may get an email message with a file attached, or it may be delivered with malicious URL. Second, you may be asked to click on a malicious link and download or execute the attached file. Third, you may be infected by downloading a malicious file from



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Kaspersky Internet Security Trial Version Free Download Latest
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